Tumor Vaccination

tumorimpfung The idea of developing a vaccine against cancer cells has existed for over 200 years already. The realization that microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) stimulate the body’s immune system that directs its defenses against them, ultimately led to the assumption that there must be a specific immune reaction in humans against cancer cells. This led to the therapeutic approach of tumor vaccination.


Tumor vaccination helps the immune system to recognize cancer cells as enemies and destroy them. The optimal time for tumor vaccination is directly after the removal of the tumor, i.e. when there is the lowest possible tumor burden. The immune system can, in this situation, generate a targeted immune response against tumor cells occurring in the future.


Should one's own immune system become active against cancer, it needs specific information about the attacked cells. For this purpose there are special information cells in our bodies that act like guardians. Their most important representatives are the dendritic cells. Thanks to modern cell culturing capabilities, dendritic cells can now be cultivated in the laboratory after taking a simple blood sample from the patient.